Another image from the #rugby set with #fitness #model @shelaghkath 💖 #reneerobynphotography
Got the ok to release these shots! To view larger, buy prints, or see more from this set goto :) #rugby #chicks #teamsports #reneerobynphotography
So I’m super excited! I finally worked up the courage to get back on my rollerblades today. I used to live on these things and I LOVED it, but since my accident I haven’t touched them. I was always afraid of the 10 million things that could go wrong, and mostly worried about re-injuring what was so broken. Since I learned how to walk again, just over 3.5 years ago, I’ve been slowly reclaiming bits of my former physical self. It took me 6 months to walk, 1.5 years to run, 2.5 years to ski, and now I’m back rollerblading. I’m a shadow of my former self, but it feels unfuckingbelievable to slowly get some of me back <3 the hardest part, is taking the first step and deciding to put back on the equipment, no matter how much it hurts. #dontgiveup
First time riding since my accident! Was so excited :) I grew up riding, but haven’t done any since my sportbike crash a few years ago. I miss it so much. Lots of 💖 to @treyratcliff for this photo! #riding #horses #western #country #montana #treyratcliff #reneerobyntravel
Editing someone else’s photo without permission is a dick move. Don’t do it :P thanks @djph03n1x for this one!
I woke up yesterday morning feeling icky and gross. I dragged myself into a comfy dress and sandals, skipped the makeup and didn’t even brush my hair. While at a store buying wine a couple hours later, a complete stranger said I was pretty. I’ve never had someone come up to me before that I didn’t know and say something nice when I’m not coated in war paint. Kinda gave the warm fuzzies :) So, on the topic of no makeup, I thought I’d try editing freckles again… my face is littered in them when I’m not covered in foundation. Played with curves, dodge and burn, and converted to B&W. No plugin software. Edited using my track pad sitting on the couch… Didn’t have enough room for Dr. Evil and the tablet, which meant getting up… Which wasn’t going to happen… I’ve had a few people accuse me of actually wearing makeup in this pic. Sorry, but not the case. A little left over mascara that didnt rub off in my sleep, but the rest is lighting and D&B.  #portrait #retouch #blackandwhite #freckles #selfportrait #photography #reneerobynphotography
My version of #MiddleEarth :) shot this week! I don’t do a lot of landscape photography, but every now and then I play… It’s a nice break for me. No clients :) #landscape #photography #fall #colours #color #fantasy #dream #reneerobynphotography
Private helicopter?? Yes please 😊 worth getting up at 6am! :) #helicopter #travel #reneerobyntravel #reneerobynphotography
Alright #seattle I’ve never been in your area code before. I didn’t know you had a giant chunk of rock sticking out of the ground that miniaturized all the other mountains! What’s it called?? Do people climb it?? #travel #reneerobyntravel #nifty #mountain
Haven’t flown in a prop plane since Europe! So long, canuckian land… See you in a few days :) #travel #flight #whee #sittingnexttoababy #damnit